There’s a balance between experience, such as knowing what a restaurant’s EBITDA should be in a given location, and expertise, such as understanding how to improve systems to maximise potential. We believe we can do both.

Operational Consulting

Successful operations depend on hitting the right key performance indicators across the full range of your activities, so you achieve greatest returns from your business without compromising quality or levels of service.

Main Course Associates delivers a full range of services that cover every activity, from setting up a single restaurant for a chef entrepreneur to finding efficiencies in multiple-site operations. We can guide you step by step in implementing operations that put you in control, and ensure that systems are robust and easily applied through training so your staff can handle them successfully.

We focus on five key areas: property, product, people, projects and profits. Our sector experience allows us to benchmark your performance against comparable operators, so that targets are both demanding and realistic. Targets can range from maximising floor space – an extra table can be the difference between posting a weekly profit or loss – to advising on the most suitable EPOS system for your operation.

Talk to us for assistance and solutions in:

  • Stock Management
  • Margin Control
  • EPOS Systems
  • CRM & Reservations
  • Operational KPI’s
  • Recruitment
  • Procurement
  • Site Finding and Acquisition
  • Training Manuals
  • Systems & Procedures


“A fine dining operation will have different KPI’s compared to a casual dining restaurant. Our team has the range of experience to handle all different types of business.”

Other Services

Financial Management

Contact us to assist with your accounting, admin and finance needs

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Food & Drink

We can help with your recipes, menu costing and range of other food and drink related services

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Other Services

We have a broad range of in-house skills and a number of proven, talented partners that we work with. Some of the services we can help with are:

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